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Kruger National Park, South Africa  -  August 13-18, 2011

MoAfrica Lodge, Johannesburg

Saw our first Giraffes 5 minutes after leaving camp

African Fish Eagle

The Elephants would walk right by our Jeep and keep an eye on us ....

The "Bomo" where we'd eat our dinner each night under the stars

View from our Breakfast gazebo -- Pumba (Warthog) and Spider Monkeys would eat fruit each morning 

Blue WildeBeest

Rare sighting of a Caracal (cat)


Dwarf Antelope

Zazu (hornbill) bird ... Africans call them Flying bananas

Impala were everywhere you look ...

Crocs sunning themselves

Hippos lurking in the water

A lot of times the elephants would get close enough to touch

Lion eating a Black Rhinoceros that had been poached (for the horn) the night before.  Horns sell for upwards of $1M each in the Chinese markets (as an afrodesiac)

Southern Hornbill

Kudu ... before Vuvuzelas (horns), Africans would communicate over long distances by blowing into the hollow horns of the Kudu.


Female Waterbuck and Baby

African (Cape) Buffalo

Our local bush guide "Bongani" teaching us about Elephant Dung

Termite mounds

Herd of Cape Buffalo -- one of the "Big 5" -- includes Lion, Leapord, Elephant, Buffalo, and Rhinoceros

Zebras with the Drakkenberg Mountain in the background (longest mountain in South Africa)

Baby Giraffes


White Rhinos

Tracking a Lion at night

Rare African Sable

Bush Breakfast

Male WaterBuck


Hippopatumus lounging in the sun

Leopard lounging in a tree -- he got down and walked across the road right in front of our car -- very rare !!

Marking his territory

Hyena eating a fresh kill

Traffic Jam in Kruger National Park

Maholoholo Animal Rehabilitation Center -- Cheetah

Erin petting the Cheetah



African Wild Dog


Honey Badger

The "Bomo" where we ate our dinner under the stars each night

The Keeleys with our bush guide "Bongani"

View from our Breakfast Table each morning


Baby Warthogs 

Cheetah walking on the road next to us

Blythe River Canyon -- 3rd largest Canyon in the world

The Three Rondavels (Circles in African)


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