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Rome, Italy  --  December 2009

Roman Coliseum

Arch of Constantine

Wooden floor of the Coliseum burned in a fire -- the rooms below were used to keep animals, props, etc.

Palatine Hill -- many emperors built their palaces on the hill

Temple of Vespa

Oldest ruins in Rome

Castel of Sant Angelo

St Peters Basilica & Vatican City

St Peters Square

Piazza Novona -- used to be flooded each year for water sports

St Agnes Cathedral in Piazza Novona

The Pantheon

Hole in roof


Trevi Fountain

Nativity Scene in St Peters Piazza

St Peters Basilica

The Vatican Museum

St Peters Tomb -- the "rock" on which St Peters and Vatican City is built on

Pope Leo V

St Peters smaller dome


Bernini's altar

Michaelangelo's Duomo at St Peters Basilica

Nativity Scene inside St Peters

Vatican Courtyard

Hall of Maps in Vatican Museum


Courtyard inside Vatican City

Michaelangelo's  Basilica of Santa Maria of Angels and Martyrs


The Sistine Chapel

Michaelangelo's Ceiling

Michaelangelo's "The Last Judgement"

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