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Pompeii, Italy  - Entire City buried by Mt Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD

History of Pompeii

Guarded Entrance to the Ancient Walled City

Excavated homes - much of the buried treasure was stolen over the years by people who burrowed into the rock for loot before the Italian govt. sealed off the site


Single Lane Road -- the big blocks in the middle of the road were so the Chariots could get through, but allowed the people to stay off the road when crossing when it was flooded.  To clean the streets, once a day the streets would be flooded to wash away the horse waste and other trash - but people could stay dry by walking across on the rocks in the road


Temple of Athena

Single lane chariot road (the wheels could go on either side of the rock and the horses would step over them.

Molds of the buried/cremated bodies were made by pouring plaster into the holes before they were excavated -- allowed molds of the bodies in the positions they died in to be made.  These bodies are the biggest thing BK remembers from visiting Pompeii as a 5 year old  :-)

Excavated pots, wagons, and plaster body molds

Outside of the Villa dei Mysterei

Villa dei Mysterei - Painting of Dyonisian Mystery

The best Mozzarella cheese and massive Tomatoes we've ever had (in the big ball) !!!!

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