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Petra, Jordan (The Rose City) - The ancient Nabathean city carved in the rocks

History of Petra


The Treasury Building of the Rose City of Petra seen from the entrance.


Water troughs that funnel the rainwater down to the rose city -- entrance to the hidden city ...


Note the water troughs on both sides of the crevice

Water System troughs -- one side was for washing clothes, etc. and the other side was for fresh drinking water .... the troughts funneled the rainwater down the rocks and into the city

  Up until 20 years ago when Petra was declared a World Heritage Site, people lived in the caves full time -- all have since been settled in nearby towns in govt housing

Dead Sea Salt Flats

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dead Sea Coastline

Salt Formations on the Dead Sea shores

Testing the waters of the Dead Sea

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