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Hitler's "Eagles Nest" -- Bertchesgaden, Germany

Entrance to Hitler's Eagles Nest (He had an elevator built to go to the house)

Germans call the house "KehlsteinHaus"

The original fireplace with marble chips taken out of it by Army troops when they invaded in 1945

Picture of Hitlers House down below after the bombing in 1945

Entrance to the Bunker System in the mountain

Picture of Hitler's house on the OberSalzBerg aftger the bombing

US Troops rolling onto the OberSaltzburg to oust the Nazi Party HQ

Bunker System how it looks today

Chipped in the wall by an Italian troop on May 5, 1945 upon entering the bunker system

Elevator shaft from Hitlers house up to the Bunker system higher on the OberSaltzberg.  7 years ago a research team discovered a false floor at the bottom that led to a series of 5 half dug tunnels.  The Nazi party was building 5 roads under the mountain to carry them to Austria (10 mins away) when the invading force finally arrived.  They never finished the tunnel system before the invasion.

Steps from Hitlers House up to the Bunker system

Lake Konigsee in Bertchesgaden

SalzBergWerkz Salt Mine -- Bertchesgaden






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