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Berlin, Germany


The section of the Berlin wall is called the "East Gallery" .... a few days after the wall came down artists from around the world converged on the wall to leave their art -- it remains preserved today ....


The "other" side of the wall -- looks like it once did (aside from the fresh white paint :-)

A few bldgs on what was once East Berlin ....


Brandenburg Gate where Reagan gave his famous speech -- Brokaw broadcast live here the day before to mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall

The rebuilt  "ReichStag" building -- once again became the seat of the German government when the govt. was moved back to Berlin from Bonn after the wall collapse.  Above is the new Reichstag addition linking the "two Berlins", across the river which was in East Berlin (wall was on this side of the river) at one time.   The old (rebuilt) Reichstag building was burned to the ground in 1935 when the Germans lost faith in their government, the event led to Hitler's sharp rise to power.


Memorial to all those who gave their life trying to get over/under the wall, just across from the Brandenburg gate.

A piece of the original ReichStag building standing in front of the rebuilt structure.                                            Looking back at the Brandenburg gate from "East" Berlin.


.50 euro (60 cents) to use a clean public toilet -- very comfortable inside, I highly recommend it  :-)                                              Berlin RatHaus




Allied "Checkpoint Charlie" during the War -- standoff with Soviet tanks                                                                                             Checkpoint Charlie today


Largest indoor aquarium in the world -- Radisson Berlin -- elevator with staircase inside we went up                                         Ryan at Sea Life

One of very few segments of the original Berlin Wall left untouched in Berlin today ....


Tubing hill setup for the winter in downtown Berlin Potsdamer Platz


Holocaust Memorial ... Hitler's bunker is just a block away from this site.



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